SpriteJS : A Lightweight 2D Render Object Model

SpriteJS is a cross-platform lightweight 2D render object model.

Manipulate the sprites in canvas as you do with the DOM elements.


  • Manipulate the sprites element as you do with the DOM elements.
  • Perform fast drawing with smart cache.
  • Multiple layers.
  • Flex Layout.
  • Text typesetting.
  • Web Animations Api
  • Controllable event dispatching.
  • Object Oriented Programmed Development with ES6+
  • Server-side render. Work with node-canvas.
  • Weixin Apps

Vivid.js : SVG Icons Library

Vivid.JS is an SVG Icons library which can be used to add highly customizable vibrant icons to the DOM without any dev dependencies.

Vivid.JS is easy to adapt and can bring SVG icons to life using html5 data attributes on the go. Icons can also be individually customized in terms of colors and size using html5 data attributes which gives more power to Vivid.JS library.

Vivid.JS SVG Icons ca be download and customized as per needs in different designing softwares like Photoshop and Sketch as well.

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