Sidebars : Off-Canvas Menus and Sidebars jQuery Plugin

Born in 2014 from a reoccurring need to create mobile menus in responsive design, Slidebars has quickly become the number one choice for developers. With the release of version 2, Slidebars packs more functionality than ever before with an even lighter footprint.

Weighing in at only 1.69kb gzipped, the new Slidebars features clean and discreet markup, permits an unlimited number of off-canvas instances on any side and is equipped with a full API, callbacks and events for ultimate control.

Offside.js : JavaScript Off-canvas Push Menu

Offside.js is a minimal JavaScript kit without library dependencies to push things off-canvas using just class manipulation. It’s goal is to provide a super-lightweight, efficient and customizable way of handling off-canvas menus/elements on modern website and web applications.

Offside.js comes with its own default stylesheet which make use of CSS 3D transform, but you can write your own CSShooking your style with Offside classes. This ensures super flexibility and completely decouples Offside.js from your style/markup.

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