SpriteJS : A Lightweight 2D Render Object Model

SpriteJS is a cross-platform lightweight 2D render object model.

Manipulate the sprites in canvas as you do with the DOM elements.


  • Manipulate the sprites element as you do with the DOM elements.
  • Perform fast drawing with smart cache.
  • Multiple layers.
  • Flex Layout.
  • Text typesetting.
  • Web Animations Api
  • Controllable event dispatching.
  • Object Oriented Programmed Development with ES6+
  • Server-side render. Work with node-canvas.
  • Weixin Apps

Hilo : HTML5 Game Framework

Hilo is a Cross-end HTML5 Game development solution developed by Alibaba Group. It could help developers build HTML5 games conveniently in minutes.


  • independency modules design, support multiple module styles;
  • Object Oriented Programmed Development;
  • Simple and efficient Visual Object Architecture;
  • Multiple render model supported, including CanvasRendererDOMRenderer and WebGLRenderer;
  • Compatible for multiple desktop and mobile browsers. Using Flash Shim to support IE (yes as you can see, it support IE);
  • Physics extensions supported: Chipmunk
  • Skeleton animation extensions supported: DragonBones
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